Radical Priorities

Chomsky, Noam; edited by C.P. Otero
Publisher:  Black Rose Books, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1981
Pages:  307pp   ISBN:  0-920057-17-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6515

Otero presents an analysis and overview of Chomsky's social and political philosophy. For the first time the roots of Chomsky's politics are examined and the relationship to his theory of linguistics demonstrated.


Table of Contents


Part I: In Defense of the Third World
1. On the "National Interest"
2. Vietnam Protest and the Media
The present situation in Vietnam
The Vietnamese analogue to "denazification"
The protest and the American press
Propaganda fabrications
The protest as a political act
3. Cambodia: No holds barred
4. The cynical farce about Cambodia
Postscript: Letter to the New York Times
5. The hidden war in East Timor
U.S. Government and press conceal massacres
Fretilin wins victory
U.S. News management
U.S. Military involvement expands
Chronicle of Indonesian atrocities
First hand reports
Press adheres to State Department line
Human rights report: No mention of Timor
Comparison with press coverage of Cambodia
6. The Iranian-American conflict
7. Israel and the American intelligentsia
8. Outside of Israeli "official history"
9. On the Middle East
10. The "North-South" conflict
A gloomy prospect for the human race
Institutional causes
The competition for scarce resources
The reasons for arms sales
Agribusiness and under-nutrition
Comparison with the Nazis
Self-interest and policy decisions
11. The new Cold War
The protection of "our interests"
A deadly dance of death
The likely dynamics of interventionist policies
Waste production and international dominance
Commitment or disaster
Part II: U.S.A.: Myth, reality, acracy
12. The Carter Administration: Myth and reality
The ideological institutions
Totalitarianism and "democracy"
The rhetoric of human rights
The Carter Administration and the Trilateral
Prospects for the coming years
13. The secret terror organizations of the U.S. Government
14. Watergate: Small potatoes
15. The Vietnam war: A monstrosity
16. The student revolt
The Pentagon and nuclear war
A race war
Why do students rebel?
The students and the future
17. The politicization of the university
The American "democracy"
Reflections on violence
The real problems of society
The "moderate" position
The position of the hawks
Two types of "conspiracy"
Two types of protest
Ideology and apathy
Domestic repression
Participation in a "democratic society"
Freedom in the university
Fantasies of the left
Scholarship and action
Scientists of the world, unite!
Tasks for students
"Radical tactics"
Tasks for intellectuals
The primary principle in the struggle
18. Political prospects
The Philippines model
Cultural subjugation
Latin America
Paranoid fantasies
Ideological stranglehold
American apartheid
National security managers
19. Some tasks for the left
Possibilities of "internal aggression"
Economy and "national defense"
A genuine revolutionary movement
Libertarian socialism
Technology and self-management
From autocracy to acracy
The advantage of the left
A task for radicals
The university and the left
Radical culture and social change
20. The new radicalism
The re-radicalization of the 1960's
The organization of the left
Industrial society and anarchism
Cultural effects of the new radicalism
The radicalization of the scientists
21. The relevance of anarcho-syndicalism
Acracy and democracy
Anarcho-syndicalism and Marxism
Organization in Anarchy
Work and standard of living
Capitalism as an anachronism
22. Industrial self-management

23. The danger of nuclear war and what we can do about it
24. Priorities for averting the holocaust
25. US foreign policy
26. 1984: Orwell's and ours


Subject Headings

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