Philosophy and Revolution
From Hegel to Sartre, and from Marx to mao

Dunayevskaya, Raya

Publisher:  Columbia University Press
Year Published:  1989   First Published:  1973
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6488

Dunayevskaya argues in favour of a re-evaluation of the theoretical philosophy of Hegel and its application by Marx and the later Lenin to the history of mankind.


Table of Contents


Part One: Why Hegel? Why Now?
1. Absolute Negativity as New Beginning
i) The Phenomenology of Mind, or Experiences of Consciousness
ii) The Science of Logic, or Attitudes to Objectivity
iii) The Philosophy of Mind: A Movement from Practice?
2. A New Continent of Thought
i) The 1840s: Birth of Historical Materialism
ii) The 1850s: The Grundrisse, Then and Now
a) Progressive Epochs of Social Formations
b) The "Automaton" and the Worker
iii) The Adventures of the Commodity as Fetish
3. The Shock of Recognition and the Philosophic Ambivalence of Lenin

Part Two. Alternatives
4. Leon Trotsky as Theoretician
i) The Theory of Permanent Revolution
ii) The Nature of the Russian Economy, or Making a Fixed Particular into a New Universal
iii) Leadership, Leadership
5. The Thought of Mao Tse-tung
i) Discontinuities and Continuities
a) The Sino-Soviet Conflict
b) That Crucial Year 1965 and "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution", 1966-69
ii) From Contradiction to Contradiction to Contradiction
ii) Alienation and Revolution
a) Hong Kong Interview
b) Sheng Wu-lien: The Challenge from the Left
6. Jean-Paul Sartre
i) The Progressive-Regressive Method
ii) The Dialectic and the Fetish
Part Three. Economic Reality and the Dialectics of Liberation
7. The African Revolutions and the World Economy
i) Neocolonialism and the Totality of the World Crisis
ii) New Human Relations or Tragedies Like Biafra?
8. State Capitalism and the East European Revolts
i) The Movement from Practice is Itself a Form of Theory
ii) Theory and Theory
iii) Once Again, Praxis and the Quest for Universality
9. New Passions and New Forces

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