Notes on Dialectics (Hegel, Marx, Lenin)

James, C.L.R.

Publisher:  Allison and Busby Limited
Year Published:  1980   First Published:  1948
Pages:  231pp   ISBN:  0-88208-127-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6460

James believes that an understanding of Hegel's Logic is essential to an understanding of Marxism.


Table of Contents


Part 1: Hegel's Preface to the First Edition of The Science of Logic
i) Understanding and Reason
ii) Reason
iii) Some Historical Observations on Understanding
iv) Consciousness
v) Preface to the Second Edition
vi) Dialectical Thought in Practical Life
vii) Understanding
viii) Dialectic
ix) The Natural Moments of Thought
x) Consciousness and the Object
xi) Object of the Investigation
xii) Method of the Investigation

Part 2: The Hegelian Logic
i) The Doctrine of Being
ii) The Doctrine of Essence
a) Identity, Difference and Contradiction
b) Contradiction
c) Ground: the Proof of the Absolute
d) Review and Leninist Interlude
e) Appearance and Actuality
f) Essence in Action
- Lenin after 1914
- Marxism Today
iii) The Doctrine of the Notion
a) Leninism and the Notion
b) Lenin after 1917
c) Leninism and Ourselves
iv) The Universals of 1948
v) Trotskyism: Synthetic Cognition
a) The Absolute Idea
b) The Leap
c) Dialectic in Action
d) What We Propose to Do
e) The French Revolution in Historical Logic
f) Form and Content
g) Cause and Effect
h) Practice


Subject Headings

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