No Bosses Here!
A Manual on Working Collectively and Cooperatively

Brandow, Karen; McDonnell, Jim;
Publisher:  Vocations for Social Change and Alyson Publications, Boston MA 02208, USA
Year Published:  1981
Pages:  120pp   Price:  $6.60   ISBN:  0-932870-15-5
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6457

A perceptive and practical guide to working in a collective.

No Bosses Here is a guide to creating and maintaining collective work environments. These environments allow employees to work co-operatively without a hierarchical system. The guide explains the benefits of such an environment while providing tips and insight into some of the problems that can arise. The writers advocate alternative organizations and describe how they can be part of co-operative living for a new society.

In ten chapters No Bosses Here covers all of the ups and downs of working collectively. Chapter 1: Work Collectives Today defines what is meant by the term and explains the benefits and goals. After outlining how to start a collective, subsequent chapters look at issues such as decision making, meetings, work distribution, group dynamics, and complications that can arise. The last two chapters deal with the impact collective work environments have on society. These environments are steps toward a new way of living.

The book contains several appendices. The first gives information on how different types of legal organizations (such as corporations, partnerships, and Not-For-Profit groups) can make it work. The others go into detail on price setting, bookkeeping and resources. Finally, there is a bibliography of the work that provides additional resources.

Aiming to share experiences and pave the way for aspiring groups, the new edition is aimed towards current collective organizations, but is also very informative for those just beginning. The movement advocated in this book is one that will overcome the social constructs of capitalism and create a more human workplace.

[Abstract by Mia Manns]

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