The New Left
A Collection of Essays

Long, Priscilla (ed.), Introduction by Staughton Lynd
Publisher:  Extending Horizons Books Porter Sargent Publisher, Boston, USA
Year Published:  1969
Pages:  475pp   ISBN:  87558-043-2
  Dewey:  329.0213
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6450

Essays from participants in the American New Left of the 1960s.


Table of Contents



Part I: New Left Theory
Letter To The New Left
Consumption: Domestic Imperialism
Marxism and the New Left
Nonviolence and Radical Social Change
No Rights, No Duties

Part II: Issues
The National Security Bureaucracy and Military Intervention
On Repressive Institutions and the American Empire
Racism in the United States: An Introduction
Workers Battle Automation
Knowledge and Power: Intellectuals and the Welfare/Warfare State
Columbia: An Explanation
Revolutionary Change and the Urban Environment

Part III: The Movement
A Meditation
A Woman is a Sometime Thing
Evolution of the ERAP Organizers
Getting By with a Little Help From our Friends
Thoughts on the Movement
From Resistance to Student-Worker Alliance
Prison Notes

Part IV: The New Society: A Beginning
The Triple Revolution
On Community Building
Workers' Control
Journey to the Place
Participatory Democracy and the Dilemma of Change
Notes Toward A Radical Culture
A New Community

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