Highrise and Superprofits
An Analysis of the Development Industry in Canada

Barker, Graham
Publisher:  Dumont Press, Kitchener, Canada
Year Published:  1973
Pages:  178pp     Dewey:  334.1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6316


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Capital Concentration and the Growth of Canadian Cities
Chapter 2: The Development Corporation
I. History of the Housing Industry
II. Growth and Consolidation: The Route to Superprofits
III. A Prime Example: Trizec Corporation
Chapter 3: The Financial Institutions and Development
I. The Context
II. The Business: Savings and Loans
III. The Institutions
IV. The Impact of Financial Capital on Development
V. The Dynamics of Big Deal Partnership
Chapter 4: The Impact of Imperialism on Development
Chapter 5: The Role of the State
I. Introduction
II. The Functions of the State
III. Three Government Studies
IV. Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Chapter 6: Contradictions in Development
I. Continuing Concentration of Capital
II. Urban Land as a Commodity
III. Housing as a Commodity
IV. Residents' Response
Chapter 7: Towards a Socialist Strategy
Appendix A: Taxation: Who Pays and Who Gets
Appendix B: A Guide to Corporate Research

Subject Headings

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