The Hidden Persuaders

Packard, Vance
Publisher:  Pocket Books
Year Published:  1957  
Price:  75 cents  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6315

What makes you buy, believe, even vote, the way you do? This book answers hundreds of eye-opening questions with facts that show how advertising men are using our hidden urges and frustrations to sell every-thing from gasoline to politicians.


Table of Contents

The Depth Approach

Persuading us as Consumers

The trouble with people
So ad men become depth men
…And the hooks are lowered
Self-images for everybody
R for our secret distresses
Marketing eight hidden needs
The built-in sexual overtone
Back to the breast, and beyond
Babes in consumerland
Class and castle in the salesroom
Selling symbols to upward strivers
Cures for our hidden aversions
Coping with our pesky inner ear
The psycho-seduction of children
New frontiers for recruiting customers

Persuading us as citizens

Politics and the image builders
Molding "Team Players" for free enterprise
The engineered yes
Care and feeding of positive thinkers
The packaged soul?

In retrospect

The question of validity
The question of morality


Subject Headings

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