Essays on the Left
Essays in Honour of T.C. Douglas

Lapierre, Laurier
Publisher:  MacClelland & Stewart, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1971
Pages:  281pp   ISBN:  0-7710-4698-7
  Dewey:  323.40971
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6277

Essays collected as a tribute to T.C. Douglas on the occasion of his retirement ad leader of the New Democratic Party.


Table of Contents

A Tribute to T.C. Douglas

Part 1: Historical Perspectives
i) Réflexions sur Deux Départs: Québec, 1935 et 1960
ii) The Farmer-Labour Movement and the Failure of Socialism in Nova Scotia
iii) The Multi-Party System in Canada
iv) Planning in Saskatchewan
v) The Douglas-Lloyd Governments: Innovation and Bureaucratic Response
vi) Health, Wealth, and Politics

Part 2: Economic, Political, and Social Perspectives
i) Atlantic Regional Underdevelopment and Socialism
ii) The Farm Crisis
iii) Socialism and the Economics of Growthmanship
iv) State Capitalism and Socialism: The Problem of Government Handouts
v) Violence, Politique et Crise dans la Société Québécoise
vi) The Multi-National Corporation and Socialism
vii) Liberals, New Democrats, and Labour

Part 3: Perspectives for the Future
i) The Agony of Economic Man
ii) La Gauche a-t-elle un Avenir au Québec
iii) Perspectives for the NDP in the Seventies
iv) Beyond Liberalism: The Priorities of Political Humanism

Subject Headings

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