Escape from Childhood
The Needs and Rights of Children

Holt, John
Publisher:  Dutton
Year Published:  1974
Pages:  288pp   ISBN:  0-525-099557
Library of Congress Number:  HQ769.H725   Dewey:  301.43'15
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6272

A book about young people and their place, or lack of place in society today. It is about the institution of modern childhood, the attitudes, customs and laws that define children and locate children in life and determine to a large degree what their lives are like and how we, their elders, treat them.


Table of Contents


1. The Problem of Childhood
2. The Institution of Childhood
3. Childhood in History
4. The Family and Its Purposes
5. On the Loss of Authority of the Old
6. The Many "Crises" of Life
7. The Burden of Having Children
8. One Use of Childhood
9. On "Help" and "Helpers"
10. The Competence of Children
11. The Child as Love Object
12. On Seeing Children as "Cute"
13. How Children Exploit Cuteness
14. Love May Not Cure Everything
15. What Children Need, We All Need
16. On the Use of the Word "Rights"
17. The Right to Vote
18. The Right to Work
19. The Right to Own Property
20. The Right to Travel
21. The Right to Choose One's Guardian
22. The Right to a Guaranteed Income
23. The Right to Legal and Financial Responsibility
24. The Right to Control One's Learning
25. The Right to Use Drugs
26. The Right to Drive
27. The Law, the Young, and Sex
28. Steps to Take

Subject Headings

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