A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching. Second Edition

Foreman, Dave; Haywood, Bill
Publisher:  Ned Ludd Books, Tuscon, USA
Year First Published:  {12126 Ecodefense ECODEFENSE A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching. Second Edition Foreman, Dave; Haywood, Bill Ned Ludd Books Tuscon USA 1985 1987 312pp BC12126-Ecodefense.jpg B Book 0-933285-03-5 - <br> <br>Table of Contents: <br> <br>Introduction to the First Edition <br>Introduction to the Second Edition <br>FORWARD! by Edward Abbey <br> <br>Chapter 1 Strategic Monkeywrenching <br> <br>Chapter 2 The Future of Monkeywrenching <br> <br>Chapter 3 Developments <br>Tree Spiking <br>Tree Pinning <br>Ceramic Spikes <br>Rock Spikes <br>Survey Stakes <br>Mining <br>Powerlines <br>Siesmographic Lines <br>Overgrazing <br> <br>Chapter 4 Roads and Tires <br>Road Spiking <br>Flattening Tires <br>Bigfoot <br>Snowmobiles <br>Closing Roads <br> <br>Chapter 5 Vehicles and Heavy Equipment <br>Disabling Vehicles Outline <br>Heavy Equipment <br>Cutting Torch <br>Burning Machinery <br>Aircraft <br>Vehicle Modification <br>Water and Diesel Don't Mix <br> <br>Chapter 6 Animal Defense <br>Traplines <br>Snares <br>Traplines #2 <br>Fence Cutting <br>Coyote Getter <br> <br>Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Deviltry <br>Smoke Bombs <br>Business Reply Mail <br>Disputing Illegal Activities <br>Trash Return <br>Stink Bombs <br>Stink Grenades <br>Jamming Locks <br>Political Fun & Games <br>Fun with Slingshots <br>Mountain Bikes <br>Urban Monekywrenching <br>Computer Sabotage <br>Condo Trashing <br>Fun with Phones <br> <br>Chapter 8 Propaganda <br>Advanced Billboarding <br>Billboard Trashing <br>Billboard Revision <br>Billboard Burning <br>Smokey The Bear Chainsaw Letter <br>Correcting Forest Services Signs <br>Silent Agitators <br>Spray Paint <br>Stencils <br>Trail of Rising and Falling Birds <br> <br>Chapter 9 Security <br>Basic Security <br>Camoglage <br>Tools of the Trade (including Radios) <br>Eyes of Night <br>Counter Security <br>Pursuit and Evasion <br>Arrest <br>Media Relations <br>No Evidence CX6266 1 false true false CX6266.htm [0xc000aa9140 0xc000e70f00 0xc000e70ff0 0xc0024330b0 0xc000197e90 0xc00224b320 0xc00225ad50 0xc00226a630 0xc00227f020 0xc00065b620 0xc000340a80 0xc00085eae0 0xc000e5e300 0xc000b5f500 0xc000addf80 0xc000afeae0 0xc000c32600 0xc000eba7b0 0xc001ae1770 0xc001ae1950 0xc00228cf00] Cx}
Year Published:  1987
Pages:  312pp   ISBN:  0-933285-03-5
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6266


Table of Contents:

Introduction to the First Edition
Introduction to the Second Edition
FORWARD! by Edward Abbey

Chapter 1 Strategic Monkeywrenching

Chapter 2 The Future of Monkeywrenching

Chapter 3 Developments
Tree Spiking
Tree Pinning
Ceramic Spikes
Rock Spikes
Survey Stakes
Siesmographic Lines

Chapter 4 Roads and Tires
Road Spiking
Flattening Tires
Closing Roads

Chapter 5 Vehicles and Heavy Equipment
Disabling Vehicles Outline
Heavy Equipment
Cutting Torch
Burning Machinery
Vehicle Modification
Water and Diesel Don't Mix

Chapter 6 Animal Defense
Traplines #2
Fence Cutting
Coyote Getter

Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Deviltry
Smoke Bombs
Business Reply Mail
Disputing Illegal Activities
Trash Return
Stink Bombs
Stink Grenades
Jamming Locks
Political Fun & Games
Fun with Slingshots
Mountain Bikes
Urban Monekywrenching
Computer Sabotage
Condo Trashing
Fun with Phones

Chapter 8 Propaganda
Advanced Billboarding
Billboard Trashing
Billboard Revision
Billboard Burning
Smokey The Bear Chainsaw Letter
Correcting Forest Services Signs
Silent Agitators
Spray Paint
Trail of Rising and Falling Birds

Chapter 9 Security
Basic Security
Tools of the Trade (including Radios)
Eyes of Night
Counter Security
Pursuit and Evasion
Media Relations
No Evidence

Subject Headings

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