Drawing the Line
The Political Essays of Paul Goodman

Goodman, Paul; (edited by Stoehr, Taylor)
Publisher:  E.P. Dutton, New York, USA
Year Published:  1979   First Published:  1977
Pages:  272pp   ISBN:  0-525-47568-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6262

Goodman stresses that massive, uncentered governments and huge, sprawling communities alientate the individual and force people to conform to the status quo rather than to what they are or might become.


Table of Contents


The May Pamphlet
Reflections on Drawing the Line
On Treason Against Natural Societies
A Touchstone for the Libertarian program
Natural Violence
Revolution, Sociolatry, and War

Some Practical Proposals
Notes on Neo-Functionalism
Two Points of Philosophy and an Example
The Present Moment in Education
Pornography and the Sexual Revolution
Television: The Continuing Disaster

Vocation and "Public Conscience"
"Dear Graduate…"
To Young Resisters
Declaring Peace Against the Governments
Berkeley in February
A Young Pacifist
A Causerie at the Military-Industrial
The Duty of Professionals

The Black Flag of Anarchism
Reflections on the Anarchist Principle
The Forms and Content of Democracy
Notes on Decentralization
The Black Flag of Anarchism
Anarchism and Revolution
Confusion and Disorder

Talking Sense: Three Impromptu Occasions
"Our Standard of Living"
"Power Struggles"
Last Public Speech

Subject Headings

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