The Death and Life of Great American Cities

Jacobs, Jane
Publisher:  Vintage, New York, USA
Year Published:  1961
Pages:  458pp     Dewey:  309.262
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6244

Jacobs' iconoclastic and brilliant observations on why cities work, and why they don't.


Table of Contents


Part I: The Peculiar Nature of Cities
1. The uses of sidewalks: safety
2. The uses of sidewalks: Contact
3. The uses of sidewalks: assimilating children
4. The uses of neighbourhood parks
5. The uses of city neighbourhoods

Part II: The Conditions for City Diversity
6. The generators of diversity
7. The need for primary mixed uses
8. The need for small blocks
9. The need for aged buildings
10. The need for concentration
11. Some myths about diversity

Part III: Forces of Decline and Regeneration
12. The self-destruction of diversity
13. The curse of border vacuums
14. Unslumming and slumming
15. Gradual money and cataclysmic money

Part IV: Different Tactics
16. Subsidizing dwellings
17. Erosion of cities or attrition of automobiles
18. Visual order: its limitations and possibilities
19. Salvaging projects
20. Governing and planning districts
21. The kind of problem a city is


Subject Headings

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