Cooperation at Work
The Mondragon Experience

Bradley, Keith; Gelb, Alan
Publisher:  Heinemann Educational Books, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1983
Pages:  102pp   ISBN:  0-435-83110-0
Library of Congress Number:  HD2888.5.M6   Dewey:  334'.6'094661
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6231

A guide to work co-operatives, based on the experience of the Mondragon group of co-operatives in Spain.

Research from the Mondragon collective in Spain is used in this guide to work co-operatives. This book is a detailed study of worker satisfaction, productivity, and overall quality. The information presented comes directly from surveys conducted on site. It allows the authors to use Mondragon as an example for other aspiring collectives. By gaging the effectiveness of this method of working, Bradley and Gelb can guide readers through the process of forming and maintaining a collective. The mistakes of past groups can be avoided as the process is improved.

The findings of worker surveys have ensured high productivity from worker ownership due to higher interest in the company's progress. There is also a stronger tie to the community in which the company is situated. The two are embedded and co-dependent upon one another. This creates more community involvement and interest in the success of the enterprise.

The book consists of 9 chapters: The Cost of Conflict; Mondragon: History and Organization; Three Industrial Models: Western, Japanese and Co-operative; Background to an Analysis; Labour Relations - Co-operative or Conflictual; Consensus, Reinforcement and Accountability; Industrial Democracy and Small Communities; Jobs - But not for All; and The Contribution of Mondragon. An appendix provides a sample model for motivating and overseeing work.

Many important factors to a successful collective are analyzed in this book. The authors describe the most beneficial management style and the mentality required by all workers. Their surveys raise efficiency and solve conflicts that may arise, even preventing them for future groups.

[Abstract by Mia Manns]

Table of Contents

1. The Costs of Conflict
2. Mondragon: History and Organization
3. Three Industrial Models: Western, Japanese and Cooperative
4. Background to and Analysis
5. Labour Relations-Cooperative or Conflictual?
6. Consensus, Reinforcement and Accountability
7. Industrial Democracy and Small Communities
8. Jobs-But Not For All
9. The Contribution of Mondragon
Appendix: A Simple Model of Motivation and Control

Subject Headings

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