Communes USA
A Personal Tour

Fairfield, Richard
Publisher:  Penguin, Baltimore Maryland, USA
Year Published:  1972
Pages:  400pp     Dewey:  335.02
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6220

An account of a variety of communes in the United States.


Table of Contents


Chapter One: A Brief Historical Survey of Utopian Communities

Chapter Two: Marxist/ Anarchist Ideological Communes
The Morgans of Yellow Springs
The Homer L. Morris Fund
The School of Living
Cold Mountain Farm

Chapter Three: Scientific Ideology /Walden Two
Walden House
Twin Oaks Takes Root
The Growth of Twin Oaks

Chapter Four: Modern Religious Communes
The Oregon Family
The Lama Foundation
The One World Family
The City of Light
The Ananda Cooperative Community
The Himalayan Academy

Chapter Five: Hip Communes of Rural America
The Lower Farm
Hippies and Hassles in the Taos Area
New Buffalo
Drop City
Magic Farm
Olompali Ranch
Gorda Mountain
Morning Star Ranch
Sheep Ridge Ranch
Tolstoy Farm

Chapter Six: Group Marriage Communes
Harrad West
The CRO Research Organization
The Family

Chapter Seven: Service Communities
Camphill Village
The Catholic Worker Farm
Gould Farm
Ammon Hennacy

Chapter Eight: Youth Communes
Yellow Submarine

Chapter Nine: Commentary/Views
The Way to Oneness
Matter over Mind
Plotting the I in Self-Direction



Subject Headings

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