Combatting Racism in the Workplace Readings Kit

Thomas, Barb; Novogrodsky, Charles
Publisher:  Cross-Cultural Communication Centre, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1983
Pages:  148pp   ISBN:  0-9691060-3-3
Library of Congress Number:  HD4903.5.C2T462   Dewey:  331.1'3'30971
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6218

Readings and case studies on fighting racism.


Table of Contents


Session 1 - Racism Hurts Workers
Course Outline
Journal Sheet
Interview Guide Sheet
Meanings of Important Words

Sessions 2 - Analyzing Racial Situations in the Workplace
Overcoming Divisions in the Union: A Case Study
Economic Decline and Discrimination in Employment
Klan Notice Posted in Toronto Plant: A Real Case Study
The Rise and Fall of the Ku Klux Klan
The Ku Klux Klan in Violation of Canadian Law

Session 3 - The Employer Connection to Racism in the Workplace
Some Strategies for Unions to Combat Racism

Session 4 - Canadian Immigration History: The Worker's Experience
Major Migrations of Ethnic Groups to Canada
Population by Ethnic Group, Canada and Provinces 1971
Selected Mother Tongues, 1981
Japanese Canadians
Book Review of "Within the Barbed Wire Fence: A Japanese Man's Account of His Internment in Canada"
History of Immigration Laws and Policy

Session 5 - Understanding Immigration Policy and Misconceptions about Immigrants
Types of Status
Ten Leading Source Countries of Immigration to Canada
Length of Time to Process Applications; and Location of Immigration Offices
Obtaining Permanent Resident Status
Immigration: Fact of Fiction

Session 6 - The Creation and Perpetuation of Racist Attitudes
Children and Racism
Cartoon and Questions
Newspaper Clipping and questions
The Anti-W-5 Movement

Session 7 - Legislation to Fight Discrimination: Does It Work?
Tactical Remedies and Referrals for a Person Alleging Racist Discrimination
Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination in Employment
Discriminatory Employment Practices
Contract Assignment

Session 8 - Using the Collective Agreement to Combat Racism
Comparison Between the Legal Process, Human Rights Commissions, and the Union Grievance Procedure
Two Examples of No-Discrimination Clauses
Possible Contract Provisions
Model Equal Opportunity Clause
Strategizing About Human Rights Contract Demands

Session 9 - Union Practices to Resist Racism
Some Anti-Racist Practices for Unions
Labour's role
Planning for Action: Assignment

Session 10 - Planning for Action
Some Toronto Organizations Fighting Racism
Course Evaluation

Subject Headings

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