Bi Any Other Name
Bisexual People Speak Out

Hutchins, Loraine, Kaahumanu, Lani (ed.)
Publisher:  Alyson Publications, Boston MA 02118, USA
Year Published:  1991
Pages:  380pp   Price:  $11.95   ISBN:  1-55583-174-5
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6185

A collection of essays by 75 authors on bisexual identity.


Table of Contents

Bicostal introduction

1. Psychology: Facing ourselves
Myths/realities of bisexuality: Sharon Forman Sumpter
This poem can be put off no longer: Susan Carlton
The queer in me: Carol A. Queen
Ninety-three people = 100% acceptance: Cornelius Utz
I am who I am - A married bisexual teacher: Amanda Yoshizaki
Worth the balancing: Alan Silver
Development of a bisexual identity: Understanding the process: Ann Fox
What do Indians think about?: Joe Rios
Making my own way: Laura Johnson
Bisexual feminist man: Dave Matteson
She kissed me!: Laney Nelson
More than a footnote: C.J. Barragan III
My life as a lesbian-identified bisexual fag hag: Ellen Terris
My underself: Chandini Goswami
A gift to myself: Nate Brown
Points of reference: C.K. Ferrier
Love, friendship, and sex: Wayne Bryant
Bisexual tendencies: Lisa Yost
A question of invisibility: Rifka Reichler
Double quest: Nachama
Insights at 3:30 a.m.: Victoria Woodard
What I need is: In contemplation of bisexuality: Ronda Slater

2. Spirituality: Healing the splits
my foundations: Dajenya
Coming out in spirit and in flesh: Karen Hurley
Just another lingering flu: David Lourea
Beyond bisexual: Annie Sprinkle
Let me doctor your love: Neil MacLean
Sacred Rituals: Karla Rossi
Letting go: An interview with John Horne: Loraine Hutchins
Reclaiming heart and mind: Leonard Tirado

3. The bisexual community: "Are we visible yet?"
Room for you: Betsy Rose
Bisexuality, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and me: Elizabeth Reba Weise
Two-way closet: Michael Brewer
The palmist knew: Brenda Blasingame
A healing journey: Hap Stewart
[untitled]: Selena Julie Whang
A man, a woman, attention: Shu Wei Chen - Andy
Don't call me: Janet Bohac
Bisexual movies: Paul Haut
Bi-loveable Japanese feminist: Kei Uwano
The most natural thing: An interview with Arlene Krantz: Marcy Sheiner
Affirmation: Bisexual Mormon: Christopher Alexander
I have always been one: Suzanne
?Que es un bisexual?: Obie Leyva
The foundations of the bisexual community in San Francisco: An interview with Dr. Maggi Rubenstein: Marcy Sheiner
The "b" word: Matthew LeGrant
From the closet to the stage: Robyn Ochs

4. Politics: A queer among queers
Loving whom we choose: Lisa Orlando
Coming out to Congress: Cliff Arnesen
ONE...: Sharon Hwang Colligan
What's in a name?: Naomi Tucker
Sisterhood crosses gender preference lines: Dajenya
The voice of a wandering Jewish bisexual: Rebecca Gorlin
Proud father of a bisexual son: Roland Glenn
Another senseless loss: Dolores Bishop
"out"line of one man's polymorphic liberation: ben e factory
Beyond defense: Considering next steps for bisexual liberation: Rebecca Shuster
Guilt politics: Ann Schneider
My pet peeves: Elise Krueger
Can bisexuals be monogamous?: Lenore Norrgard
The fine art of labeling: The convergence of anarchism, feminism, and bisexuality: Lucy Friedland and Liz A. Highleyman
Conflicts: Sheilah Mabry
Potential lovers: Rich Aranow
Hapa haole wahine: Lani Kaahumanu
Bisexuality: The best thing that ever happened to lesbian-feminism?: Beth Elliott
Talking about sex, gender, and desire: Karen Klassen
Love that kink: Loraine Hutchins
Chosing not to: Michael Ambrosino
Present tense: Biphobia as a crisis of meaning: Amanda Udis-Kessler
Political activism: A brief history


Subject Headings

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