The American Worker

Romano, Paul; Stone, Ria
Publisher:  Bewick/Ed, Detroit, USA
Year Published:  1972   First Published:  1947
Pages:  70pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6168

A description and analysis of the lives of American factory workrers after the Second World War, written by a young autoworker.


Table of Contents


Part I: Life in the Factory
1. Introduction
2. The Effects of Production
3. A Life-Time Transformed into Working Time
4. Since the War Ended
5. The Inefficiency of the Company
6. Management's Organization and the Workers' Organization
7. Strata Among the Workers
8. The Contradiction in the Factory
9. Conclusion

Part II: The Reconstruction of Society
10. Introduction
11. The Permanent Revolution in the Process of Production
12. The Human Nature of Industry
13. Class Individual and the Social Individual
14. In Society with Other Men
15. The Crisis of the Capitalist
16. The Workers Critique of Politics

Subject Headings

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