The Common Good

Chomsky, Noam; interviewed by David Barsamian
Publisher:  Odonian, USA
Year Published:  1998
Pages:  192pp   Price:  $18.00   ISBN:  1-878825-08-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6146

Interviews with Noam Chomsky on the U.S. and the world.

The Common Good has been compiled from seven long interviews David Barsamian did with Noam Chomsky and is "a penetrating look at the US and the world." It covers a wide range of topics including "freedom", "globalization", "postmodernism", "crime" and "libraries", amongst many others. The book is divided into five sections: "The Common Good" begins with the subsection titled "That dangerous radical Aristotle" and ends with the section "Freedom." "On the Home front" contains subsections such as "Corporate Welfare," "More money, fewer voters," and "Is corporate power invincible?" The third section, "Around the World" looks at "The myth of Third World debt" and considers in detail the situation in Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala, in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, in East Timor, in the Mideast and in India. This section is followed by "The US left (and imitations thereof)" which includes subsections titled "Are left and right meaningful terms?" and "Excommunicated by the illuminati." The last section of the book talks about "What you can do" and contains a list of "some organizations worth supporting" as well as sources for current information, including magazines, newsletters and websites.

Noam Chomsky has written numerous books on social issues and has received many honours and awards. Since 1955, he has been teaching linguistics and philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

[Abstract by Nabeeha Chaudhary]

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

The common good
That dangerous radical Aristotle

On the home front
The myth of hard times
Corporate welfare
Crime: suites vs. streets
The Media
More Money, fewer voters
Is corporate power invincible?

Around the world
Is globalization inevitable?
The myth of Third World debt
Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala
Brazil, Argentina and Chile
The Mideast
East Timor
International organizations

What you can do
Signs of progress (and not)
The magic answer
Manufacturing dissent
Some organization worth supporting
Sources of current information
Alternative Radio Tapes & Transcripts
Other Real Story books

Subject Headings

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