Publisher:  Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, Canada
Resource Type:  Website
Cx Number:  CX6077

Service giving search access to over 30 million records from 1,300 Canadian libraries including Library and Archives Canada. Enables users to check library holdings, loan policies, homepages, etc., and save and e-mail search results to create bibliographies.

Abstract:  AMICUS is a free catalogue listing the holdings of libraries across Canada. As a national catalogue, AMICUS not only shows the published materials held at Library and Archives Canada (LAC) but also those located in over 1300 libraries across Canada.
AMICUS contains over 30 million records for books, magazines, newspapers, government documents, theses, sound recordings, maps, electronic texts as well as items in braille and large print.
AMICUS is free of charge and searchable anytime. AMICUS saves you time searching multiple catalogues by bringing together millions of records from hundreds of Canadian libraries. Use AMICUS to find where the item you need is located. If it's not in a library near you, consult your local library for interlibrary loan services available to you.
Researchers, students and teachers can use AMICUS to:
* Locate theses, government documents and other items not available in your local library;
* Identify websites, e-texts and other electronic sources available free or for a fee;
* Build bibliographies or other lists and email them to yourself or others;
* Discover your family history using genealogical sources.

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