Critique of Syndicalist Methods
Trade-Unionism to Anarcho-Syndicalism

Bonanno, Alfredo M.

Publisher:  Bratach Dabh
Year Published:  1998   First Published:  1975
Pages:  48pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5603

Bonanno's 1975 meditation on the means to be used in pursuit of the anarchist project. Emphasizes the utility of unions in propagating capitalist control of industry and agriculture.

Abstract:  Unions have rapidly made peace with management, and can now be considered a decidedly reactionary form of government organizing drives: hence "union capitalism". Syndicalists seeking "reform" within the framework of existing unions are only reinforcing the legitimacy of a socialistically hostile entity. Organizing effective groups of militant revolutionaries thus means "showing [the rank and file of the workers] the difficulty, approximations, and principally the objective limitations which 'anarchist' work meets within syndicates."

Subject Headings

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