Revolution Re-Assessed
Politics of Human Liberation
Publisher:  Libertarian Socialist Organization
Year Published:  1980
Pages:  52pp   ISBN:  0 908193 05x
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5601

The political objectives and beliefs of the Australian-based Libertarian Socialist Organisation.

Societies thus far are characterised by divisions between those without power and specific hierarchies of decision-makers. While living standards in some parts of the world have dramatically increased during the last century, basic economics structures have stayed decidely unchanged. Traditional politics and trade unions, while having been founded on reformist principles, have effectively made peace with existing power structures, and now exist as distinctly reactionary bodies. Real socialism is not simply an abstract economic arrangement, but a "people's positive self-consciousness," the field in which human creativity and thought can interact and propogate new mode of living. A functional, socialist society, then, can only be created from below, as it depends upon people themselves for its constitution. "Meaningful Action" is that which aids in furthering the democratisation of societal institutions and thought. Power can only be taken by the collective and autonomous actions of the people themselves.

Subject Headings

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