Against All Odds

Diemer, Ulli
Publisher:  Connexions Information Sharing Services / Ulli Diemer, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1985
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5283

The shadow haunting the power structure is the danger that those who are controlled will realize they are powerless only so long as they think they are. Once people stop believing they are powerless the whole edifice is in danger of collapse.

According to Ulli Diemer, A system which wilfully excludes the best energies and ideas of most of its members, extracting only those human qualities it considers 'useful' and suppressing, ignoring or distracting the rest - is inherently irrational in a way that ultimately overtakes those who rule over it.
Those of us - the vast majority - whose lives are ravaged by these failures of the managed society do not respond only with the expected passivity and acceptance. We fight back, in small ways and large. We attempt despite the odds to assert our own desires and goals and create autonomous spaces for ourselves, sometimes without even being aware that that is what we are doing.

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