A Brief History of the Medical Reform Group

Guyatt, Gord
Publisher:  Connexions Information Sharing Services, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1995
Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX5209

Covers the year 1979 - 1994.



In October, 1979, over 60 young physicians and medical students, largely from Toronto and Hamilton but also from other parts of the province, met in the Hart House Debates Room to ratify the constitution. The structure of the group, with a provincial steering committee, local chapters, and working groups meeting around specific issues, was adopted. The conflict around the issue of whether the group should be restricted to physicians and medical students was highlighted. Pragmatic considerations led to a consensus that the MRG be primarily a physicians' group. The wording of the three basic principles was modified, but their content was confirmed. They are as follows:

1. The universal access of every person to high quality, appropriate health care must be guaranteed. The health care system must be administered in a manner which precludes any monetary or other deterrent to equal care.
2. Health care workers, including physicians, should seek out and recognize the social, economic, occupational, and environmental causes of disease, and be directly involved in their eradication.
3. The health care system should be structured in a manner in which the equally valuable contribution of all health workers is recognized. Both the public and health care workers should have a direct say in resource allocation and in determining the setting in which health care is provided.

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