The proliferation of neo-primitives

Clark, Ed
Publisher:  Red Menace/Libertarian Socialist Collective, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5180

Neo-primitives prefer an imaginary past to the work of creating a different society.

Human beings look for the easiest solution to any problem they may face. This is as true for the problem of abolishing class society as it is for the problem of securing food, clothing, shelter, etc. Since what appears at first glance to be the "easiest" solution is usually so badly misleading as to be useless, it often takes a long time before people give up the easy answer and begin to make real process in solving their problems.

The "easiest solution" to all human problems was summed up by Walt Disney: wishing will make it so: This answer requires no physical and very little mental work. Anyone can do it in their spare time. Whether you use it to invent Gods and Devils or to explain how class society will be overthrown, it remains equally useful and always available. Of course, it does have one tiny little shortcoming. it doesn't work.

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