What is Libertarian Socialism?

Diemer, Ulli
Publisher:  Red Menace/Toronto Liberation School /Ulli Diemer, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5130

Revolution is a collective process of self-liberation: people and societies are transformed through their struggles for freedom and for a better world.

"We of the left see ourselves as equal participants in the struggle, not as the anointed leaders of it. We put forward our socialist vision as part of our contribution, but we do not think that our belief in socialism means that we have all the answers. We deal with people honestly, as equals, not presuming the right to dictate what they shall think or do, nor presuming that we have nothing to learn from them. We have enough faith in our politics that we do not seek to manipulate people to our conclusions."

Subject Headings

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