Introduction to the Red Menace
Publisher:  Toronto Liberation School, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX5113

An introduction to, and the mission statement of, the libertarian socialist publication, The Red Menace.

From the introduction to the first issue of The Red Menace:
The Red Menace is published by Toronto Liberation School. Toronto Liberation School is a group of liberation socialists, independent of any political organization, who see a need for a broad range of educational and cultural activities that contribute to transforming this society. We see the constituency for these activities as all those people who have become concerned about their lives, their communities, and the problems of this society and its institutions; people who have become activists at the workplace or in the community, for their needs and rights, or around national and international issues; people struggling for their liberation. We believe that liberation requires a fundamental restructuring of social and economic relationships, suited to the needs of all people rather than only to those of the few. This we would call "socialism", but by it we mean neither the band-aid reformism of the NDP nor Russian-style totalitarianism. Socialism to us is possible only through the self-activity of working people towards a completely democratic society.

Subject Headings

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