Sexual Anarchy

Showalter, Elaine
Publisher:  Penguin/Viking
Year Published:  1990  
Pages:  242pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-670-82503-4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4589

Showalter explores the parallels between the ends of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and their representation in literature, art, and film.


Table of Contents:


Table of Illustrations

Chapter One: Borderlines

Chapter Two: Odd Women

Chapter Three: New Women

Chapter Four: Queen George

Chapter Five: King Romance

Chapter Six: Dr. Jekyll's Closet

Chapter Seven: The Woman's Case

Chapter Eight: The veiled Woman

Chapter Nine: Decadence, Homosexuality, and Feminism

Chapter Ten: The Way, We Write Now : Syphilis and AIDS


Subject Headings

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