Money Making Marketing
Finding the People Who Need What You're Selling and Making Sure They Buy It

Lant, Dr. Jeffrey
Publisher:  JLA Associates, Cambridge, MA 02138 USA, USA
Year Published:  1991
Pages:  288pp   Price:  $38.50   ISBN:  ISBN 0-940374-19-6
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX4530

Practical advice on marketing.

This is a new and revised edition of the book reviewed in the Winter 1988 issue of Connexions (CX3341). Lant's stress on the importance of marketing is relevant to non-profits with his message that it is vitally important to "know thy client" and his/her problems and what you can do to help solve them. The chapter on "Creating Effective Documents" is particularly valuable for anyone charged with creating effective publicity for a group or cause. The chapter on mail marketing is relevant for the many organizations now relying on direct mail to raise funds.

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1
Very Candid Thoughts About Why Your Current Marketing May Not Be Working, The Excuses You Make For Not Marketing, And The Mental And Technical Prerequisites You Need To Make Your Marketing Successful
Chapter 2
How To Handle Your Market Research: Getting The Insurance You Need To Make Sure You're Heading In The Right Direction
Chapter 3
Developing A Marketing Plan You Can Successfully Live With And Work From
Chapter 4
Essentials Of Creating Effective, Inexpensive, Persuasive Marketing Documents
Chapter 5
Money Making Mail Marketing
Chapter 6
Getting Your Message To Your Buyers For Free. Using And Profiting From Unabashed Promotion
Chapter 7
Profiting From Classified And Small Space Ads
Chapter 8
Phone Profit: Keeping Existing Customers Happy And Getting New Ones By Telephone
Chapter 9
Solution Selling: What You Need To Know And Do To Close Your Sales
Chapter 10
More Marketing Methods: Specific Ways To Sell More To Your Existing Customers And To Get New Buyers, Too
Chapter 11
Mouth Marketing: How To Use Talk Programs Of Every Kind To Promote And Sell Your Products And Services
When You Need A Marketing Consultant, How To Find One, And What He'll Probably Do After You Get In Touch
Samples Section
About the author
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