Development Education Project
Canadian Complicity in South Africa and Chile

Publisher:  Edmonton Learner Centre, Canada
Year Published:  1977  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX451

A description of the cooperation of several small groups to educate the Canadian public about corporate involvement in South Africa.

Abstract:  Recently, CUSO approved a project designed to produce educational material on Canadian complicity in Southern Africa and Chile. The project was initiated by the Free Southern Africa Committee (FSAC) in Edmonton and the Calgary Latin American Support Project (CLASP) with support from the Edmonton Learner Centres and the Arusha Centre in Calgary. The groups see tremendous potential value for this project in terms of educational work in Alberta. The project will be directed toward schools, churches, and the labour movement as target groups.

The primary purpose of the project is clearly defined: to establish strong links with the target groups by providing them with educational materials analyzing Canadian corporate, banking and governmental support of regimes that deny basic human rights to its citizenry. A main objective of the project is to broaden the grass-roots base of this work by educating Canadians in these target groups to cirtically asses their relationship to oppression in Southern Africa and Chile. Anyone interested in assisting or developing this project should write the above address.

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