Human Rights in Canada
A Focus on Racism

Hill, Daniel G.
Publisher:  Canadian Labour Cogress, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  44pp   Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX449

A look at the history of discrimination in Canada and suggestion on how to improve the current situation.

Historically, discrimination in one form or another has degraded humanity since the dawn of civilization. It has manifested itself in many ways and under different forms, beginning with the enslavement of one person or group always to the detriment and degradation of one or more segments in society.

Although a late arrival in historical terms, Canada has followed the historical pattern. Never at any time in its relatively short history has it been free of successive waves or epochs of this social evil. As decade has followed decade, Canadians have shifted from one aspect of it to another.

Yesterday, it was sexism manifested by employment and wage discrimination, co-existing with the shameful treatment of the native people. Today it is racism, as dehumanizing as any of its predecessors such as slavery, bigotry, ignorance and colonizaiton, but often more subtle in its application than what has prceded it.

Human Rights in Canada points out the excesses and nuances of racism in Canada. It documents how Canadians are consciously or unconsciously permitting racial discrimination to coexist with disavowals of the practices. And it shows how Canadians may in various way stem the growth of this inhuman practice and adopt positive measures to eradicate it from the national scene.

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