Big increases for civil service managers

Year Published:  1992  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4438

Abstract:  At the same time that it is telling public service workers that they will get no pay increases at all, the federal government has given large pay increases and bonuses to public service management. Public service managers are receiving performance bonuses of 4.75 per cent this year. The average management salary is $61,000 before the increase, more than double what the average worker makes. The increases, which are retroactive to boot, were approved by the federal cabinet the day before the new budget was announced. The budget imposed a zero per cent increase on non-management workers in the civil service. "I just can't believe how arrogant, incompetent and corrupt this government can get," said Daryl Bean, president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Meanwhile, Governor John Crow of the Bank of Canada, who has been waging a high-profile public campaign against `inflationary' wage increases for several years, gave his own senior staff increases of nine per cent, while he personally has gotten raises in excess of $103,000 over the past five years.
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