Towns take Post Office to court

Year Published:  1991  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4246

Abstract:  Rural Dignity and the residents of four Canadian communities are taking Canada Post, and Harvie Andre, the Minister responsible for Canada Post, to court in a challenge to decisions to close Post Offices in Arran, Saskatchewan, Falmouth, Nova Scotia, and Meductic and Aroostock, New Brunswick. Among other things, the case charges that the closures effectively deny the right to postal services to aged and other residents who don't have cars and are therefore unable to drive to another town for postal service.
Even as the case is before the courts, Canada Post, acting under federal government orders to show a profit no matter what, is continuing to remove mail boxes and close post offices, all the while denying it is reducing service. A typical recent example came from Walkerton, Ontario, where the Post Office removed 11 of the town's 12 mailboxes this fall. According to Tom Dalby, the manager of media and community affairs at Canada Post's Huron Division, the removal of street letter boxes is a way of "increasing efficiency".
From Pro-Canada Dossier and Walkerton Herald-Times

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