Here to Stay
A Resource Kit on Environmentally Stable Development

Publisher:  CUSO, Canada
Year Published:  1990  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX4112

Abstract:  Here to Stay is intended to help groups and individuals increase their awareness and understanding of environmentally sustainable development, and empower them to become more actively involved in work for change in Canada and overseas.
The kit consists of six booklets and nine essays. The introduction provides resources and ideas for leadership and design of educational workshops and activities. Another section includes two educational workshops on the theme of sustainable development and the environment; one is a role play, and the other a workshop based on two case studies.
Nine overview papers on the theme of Environment and Development provide background information for leaders or program participants and are intended to stimulate discussion and critical thinking. Also included are background information on CUSO's overseas programs and projects related to issues of sustainable development, and annotated information on books, print resources, films, videos and slide-tape shows on the theme.
Karimlan, a major simulation game that focuses on the struggle of indigenous people for survival, is designed to accompany this kit (see issue 51,

Subject Headings

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