Chomsky on mass media

Year Published:  1990  
Book Type:  Videotape

Resource Type:  Film/Video
Cx Number:  CX4079

Abstract:  Noam Chomsky's richly documented analysis of mass media is the subject of a new film entitled Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky on Mass Media. For over a year, the camera team travelled with Chomsky, building a portrait of a tireless activist on a non-stop circuit of lectures, workshops, classes and media encounters in Canada, Japan, England, Holland, and the USA. The film offers a clear deconstruction of media and propaganda, encouraging audiences to question the underlying mechanisms of mass media. Because the prospects of funding and air time for a film on the limits of "acceptable" discourse in the mainstream media are poor, support is being sought for the film and its being shown, and supporters are being asked to write letters to media outlets encouraging them to show this film. Contact The Media Project, Attention Mark Achbar/Peter Wintonick, P.O. Box 2008, Portland OR 97208 U.S.A., (514) 286-9824.

Subject Headings

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