Vol. III, Edition 1

Publisher:  Kingston Prison for Women, Canada
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  54pp   Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX401

Presented by the inmates of the Kingston, Ontario, Prison for Women, the above bi-monthly publication is an effort to "dissolve the barriers of physical imprisonment" and a resultant "mental bondage.' A brief presented by Sandy McDonell, chairwoman of the inmate committee, lists a number of needs requiring attention. It is the feeling of the population that the facilities are inadequate not only in the physiological field but also in the areas of dentistry and psychiatry. The lack of facilities in correctional resource centres for house day parolees is cited in the brief as constituting the most serious problem. In addition, residential placements are proposed as an alternative to CRCs. A third need stated in the brief is for space and funds to provide additional programs to qualify women prisoners in highly trained skills. The brief points out that the affect of the long seven to ten year period of waiting for a temporary absence on the part of lifers is to leave them without an incentive "to keep them going." The fifth and final concern of the inmate population is in the area of mandatory paroles. Without the option of staying in the institution to serve mandatory paroles an inmate sometimes commits another offence in order to return to the institution. The brief concludes with a plea for serious consideration of the above five major concerns despite the relatively small female population as compared with larger populations in male institutions. The same issue of Tightwire includes letters to the editor, poetry, prose and feature articles.

Periodical profile published 1977

Subject Headings

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