Canadian Human Rights Yearbook 1988

Publisher:  University of Ottawa Press, Ottawa, Canada
Year Published:  1989  
Pages:  298pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-7766-0229-2
Book Type:  Yearbooks
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX3949

Abstract:  A collection of articles, in English and French, on a number of human rights issues in Canada. Each article begins with a brief abstract, in both French and English, of its contents; however, the article itself is only in one language or the other. Topics include Aboriginal Peoples and the Meech Lake Accord, Urinalysis Drug Testing: Just Say No, and The Elusive Ideal -- Defining Equality. Also included are several book reviews, a review of important human rights legal cases, and a bibliography on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Liberties.
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