Pirate Radio Stations
Tuning In Underground Broadcasts

Yoder, Andrew
Publisher:  TAB Books, Blue Ridge, USA
Year Published:  1990
Pages:  182pp   ISBN:  0-8306-9268-1
Library of Congress Number:  TK 6533 Y58Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3931

Tired of the commercial pap offered by mainstream radio stations? Then how about trying to tune in to a pirate radio station? Pirate radio stations are illegal because they operate without a license, and most of them, at least in North America, have been fairly short-lived and hard to find on the radio band. (In Europe, especially Italy, they have been much more successful and widely listened to. Andrew Yoder provides a history of pirate radio since the 1920's, lists known stations and how to tune them in, and explains the equipment needed to receive them. Interestingly, both left-wing and right-wing political activists have turned to pirate radio as a way of getting their messages out, with anarchists, who reject government authority over the airwaves or anything else, being particularly well represented.

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