Amnesty International
Organization profile published 1976

Year Published:  1976  
Resource Type:  Organization
Cx Number:  CX38

An independent non-governmental organization that endevours to ensure the right for everyone to hold and express his or her beliefs.

Abstract:  Amnesty International is an independent non-governmental organization which has consultative status with the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Organization of American States and the Organization of African Unity. It endeavours to ensure the right for everyone to hold and express his beliefs. Amnesty International works, irrespective of political considerations, for the release of men and women who are in prison because of their beliefs or their ethnic origin, colour or language, provided that they neither used nor advocated violence.

The regular bulletin makes appeals for prisoners whose cases, with evidence and circumstances, are presented. The campaign for the abolition of torture has numerous reports of specific incidences. There are reports of the effects of past campaigns, current events and issues. The Hay issue looks at a U.S. Navy school used to condition military personnel to resist torturing. The training includes starvation, beating, water torture and the use of tiger cages.

Yearly subscription $5.00, Members at large $10.00, Group Member : rate set by local group. Write Amnesty International Canada, 2101 Algonquin Ave., Ottawa, Ont. K2A1T1.

See also CX910, CX2487, and CX2980.
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