Fresh Water
The Human Imperative

Publisher:  International Development Research Council
Year Published:  1989  
Pages:  40pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-88936-546-6
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3708

Abstract:  The International Development Research Council is an example of Canadian taxes put to good use. By supporting projects developed and managed by researchers working in their own countries, and by promoting international research networks, the IDRC aids developing nations.
Fresh Water: The Human Imperative examines global water use in terms of deficiency, development, pollution, delivery and storage, and testing. The booklet relates describes the creative approach the IDRC and foreign scientists have taken when examining global water problems. For instance, a project on Chile and Peru's mountainous desert coasts uses nylon nets to capture rainwater from heavy fogs which blow in daily from the Pacific Ocean. A list of books and films is also available.

Subject Headings

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