Blair, Elgin
Publisher:  Connexions Information Sharing Services
Year Published:  1989
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3690

Obituary of Connexions collective member Elgin Blair. (Died 1989).

Elgin Blair, a long-time member of the Connexions collective, and an activist in many other causes, died on May 13, 1989. When Elgin joined Connexions, he was already "retired", although Elgin in retirement devoted more time to social justice work and environmentalism than many full-time activists. Elgin liked to describe himself as an "information freak". He believed that information and ideas were crucial if society was to change, and he also took immense pleasure in ferreting out and sharing new publications and new sources of information. He was active in supporting gay liberation, co-founded the alternative book distributor Books Eh?, and in the last few years was very active in the Green Party. At Connexions, his contribution included his solicitous concern for the well-being of others. The time and energy he contributed were important factors in developing the project and in energizing others. He will be missed.

Elizabeth Wall writes: We fondly remember Elgin Blair who passed away this year. Elgin was a faithful member of Connexions for a number of years. He give himself generously to all aspects of Connexions whether taking part in decisions, writing abstracts, contributing information on new groups, or envisioning further projects for Connexions. A prodigious reader of periodicals, he had an eagle eye for connections unifying our diverse social change community. He rekindled our enthusiasm in tough times by sharing his hopeful vision with us.
We are most grateful, however, for having known Elgin as a person. He was patient and caring with everyone and believed in tapping people's essential goodness. He cheerfully did his utmost, inspiring us with his hope and faith. I don't think there is anyone he encountered -- even briefly -- who was not the better for it. I am sure anyone who knew him misses him, as we at Connexions do, but the spirit he nurtured in us flourishes still.

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