GST another blow to magazines

Year Published:  1989  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX3638

Abstract:  The proposed goods and services tax (GST) is expected to have a substantial negative impact on the Canadian magazine industry, according to the Canadian Periodical Publishers' Association (CPPA) and the Don't Tax Reading Coalition. The tax will force magazines to raise their prices by 7 per cent, the amount of the tax, but studies have shown that this will mean an inevitable dropping off of subscribers and purchasers because of price resistance, especially since subscriptions to U.S. magazines will not be subject to the tax. The CPPA is urging readers to write to Prime Minister Mulroney ask that the government not tax reading. Meanwhile, Firefly Books has produced sheets of protest stamps, for use on the outside of letters, bearing the inscription "Hi! I Tax Books", accompanied by pictures of Brian Mulroney and Michael Wilson. Incidentally, the photos of Mulroney and Wilson used on the stamps were provided gratis by their offices. "Any taxpayer can ask a minister's office for a picture and that's what I did,", said Estelle Gee of Firefly. "But I didn't tell them what I wanted them for."

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