The Householder's Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression - Review
A report on Britain's Government Machine

Diemer, Ulli

Publisher:  Jonathan Cape Ltd
Year Published:  1989   First Published:  1972
Pages:  64pp   ISBN:  0-224-00799-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3575

Organizational tactics communities can use to fight projects or developments being foisted on them.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Eternal Vigilance
Part I: The Initial Organization
1. Understand the nature of the plan
2. Understand the nature of the planners
3. The first response
4. Building a command structure
5. Choosing the Action Committee
6. The creation of the cells
7. The first cell: grass roots
8. The second cell: funds
9. The third cell: law
10. The fourth cell: influential allies
11. The fifth cell: the experts
12. The sixth cell: publicity
13. The seventh cell: campaign headquarters

Part II: Campaign Tactics
1. Mobilizing the grass roots
2. Raising the wind
3. The law's delay
4. The big guns
5. The attack on the concept
6. The attack on the facts
7. The attack on the figures
8. The alternative plan
9. Publicity: the strategy
10. Publicity: the tactics

Part III: Battle is Joined
1. The start of the campaign
2. The shape of the campaign
3. Pre-emptive diplomacy
4. The barrage
5. The confrontation

Part IV: The Counter-attack
1. The objective
2. The petition
3. The demonstration
4. The Press conference
5. Negotiated settlement

Part V: The Decision
1. The public inquiry
2. The final round

Subject Headings

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