The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Series

Year Published:  1977
Pages:  16-30m   Resource Type:  Audio
Cx Number:  CX354

This series of radio documentaries on native land claims and northern development was mostly done in northern communities affected by the Berger inquiry. The programmes include interviews with representatives from the pipeline companies outlining their development plans and talking about the need for northern energy resources. The Inuit and Dene people speak of their lives, their culture, and their concerns for the future. The Berger Inquiry: Time 60' 50", No. PUB.R94. This programme provides an overview of the Inquiry's work in the north. There is a lengthy introduction by Judge Berger and representative selections of hearings held in the various communities which the Inquiry visited. The Berger Inquiry in Vancouver: Time 42'12", PUB.R.100. This programme deals with some of the most important of 59 briefs presented by natives, sociologists, environmental groups, trade unions, economists, church organizations and politicians. My people are Waking Up: Time 35'00". PUB.R.106. This historic speech by former Chief Frank T'Selene of the Fort Good Hope Bank of Hareskin Indians(Dene) tells why his people will not abide a pipeline construction across their land. This is considered a major statement by a northern native about aboriginal rights. Stranger in a Strange Land: Time: 30'17". PUB 87. This is a personal statement by a socio-economist who has lived in the far north for over 20 years. He speaks of what it means to be a northerner and tells why he supports native land claims and the special status concept for the N.W.T.The national Northern Development Conference and Counter Conference: Time:33'03" PUB.R.107. This programme includes interviews with native and church representatives as well as developers and economists. It addresses questions of Who will benefit from northern development? Do we need frontier energy resources? Does Canada have a national policy? The Hunters and Trappers of Nunavut: Time: 27'00" PUB.R.96. In this program hunters talk about their use of the land and what the coming of white southerners has meant to them. The Need to Know:Time: 15"00. PUB.R.108. This program examines how funding from the Berger Inquiry was used to educate people in native communities about the pipeline proposal.

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