Desktop Publishing Skills:
A Primer for Typesetting with Computers and Laser Printers

Felici, James ; Nace, Ted
Publisher:  Addison-Wesley
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  180pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-201-11537-9
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3522

Abstract:  Although designated a "primer", this book would be of most value to people who already have some knowledge of type and publishing. After an overview of the publishing process, the authors plunge into discussions of what "typeset quality" means, the fundamentals of typesetting, fonts and typefaces, and formatting and commands. The sections on choosing hardware and software suffer somewhat from the reluctance - common to many computer books - to actually come out and make positive or negative comments about particular products. The technical information provided, however, makes to book a useful resource for those already familiar with the basics of typesetting who are planning to move into "desktop publishing".
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