Managing Crisis

Adolph, Val
Publisher:  The Voluntary Action Resource Centre
Year Published:  1982
Pages:  32pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX3501

Subtitled The Funding Crisis Handbook: Managing the Human Service Agency in Difficult Times, this booklet promises to be of value to many non-profit and social change groups, but falls short of delivering what it promises. It does contain some useful advice about how to plan for change imposed by budget cutbacks, how to analyze performance problems, how to improve participation in the group. However, it suffers from a lifeless, academic approach that rarely gets down to the real nitty-gritty of life in living, breathing organizations. Don't know what to do next? Develop "a future oriented approach to selecting goals". Need to get results? "Successful delegation, or allocation, of tasks, depends on the leader's correct estimation of a staff or volunteer's outlook and attitude." Searching for solutions that are creative? "Creativity is a composite of a number of characteristics. Those most usually mentioned are: originality, flexibility, self-knowledge, inventiveness, independence, dedication, enthusiasm, autonomy, industry, curiosity, energy..." MANAGING CRISIS is well-intentioned, but disappointing.

Subject Headings

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