The Canadian Jewish Outlook Anthology

Rosenthal, Henry M., Berson, S. Cathy (eds.)
Publisher:  New Star Books, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1988
Pages:  384pp   ISBN:  0-919573-67-3
Library of Congress Number:  DS102.95.C35   Dewey:  909'.04924
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3497

A broad range of articles about secular Jewish life and socialist values.

Founded in 1963, the Canadian Jewish Outlook is a magazine committed not only to secular Jewish life but also to socialist values. This anthology brings together a far-ranging collection of articles from the magazine's first quarter century, covering a tremendously broad range of issues and topics. A sample of the articles includes: 'The Canadian Jewish Community and Zionism'; Is the Public School the Arena for Religious Education?'; 'Mission to Nicaragua'; 'Is Huckleberry Finn Racist?'; 'Equality of Kibbutz Women'; 'Being A Working-Class Jew'; 'Canada's Penal System Indicted'; and 'The Decline of the Jewish Left'. Its breadth and the quality of the writing make it a valuable survey of the past quarter century, of interest to socially concerned Canadians generally.

Table of Contents

In Memory of Ben Chud
Our Outlook

Part I: The Canadian Jewish Experience
What is Canadian Jewish Outlook?
The Canadian Jewish Community and Zionism
Convention of the Zionist Organization of Canada
Rags, Clothes, Bottles
Jewish Communal Responsibility in Light of Government Cutbacks
Pea Soup
A Stroll Down Spadina Avenue

Part II: Secular Humanism
Is the Public School the Arena for Religious Education?
Yiddish Culture and Anti-Semitism
Moses Mendelsohn
To My Son on His Turning 13
Son of Jeremiah
The Getting of Religion

Part III: Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
With Embellishments
The Vulture Answers Their Call
Legacy for the Living
I Knew Janusz Dorczak
Out Account with Nazi Collaborators is not yet Settled
The Holocaust of Which Nobody Speaks
Many Needed Saving, But "None" was Too Many
Anti-Semitism Considered "Respectable"
German Eyewitness in the Warsaw Ghetto
Psychoanalysis in Nazi Germany

Part IV: Peace and Disarmament
Vietnam is a Jewish Issue
Praying for Peace by the White House Fence
The Question for World Jewry in 5743
The Shalom Committee
Mission to Nicaragua
Forty Years Later …

Part V: Israel and the Middle East
Voices of Reason
An Israeli Coup?
Shadows of Lebanon
The Lebanese Tragedy
"Peace Now" is Needed Now!
Nahum Goldman
Chomsky, Israel and Nuclear War
On the Threshold of 1984
Report on the Geneva Conference
Mattiyahu Peled
Israel and the Rise of Zionism

Part VI: Yiddish Literature
The Negro in Yiddish Fiction
A Poet of the Sweatshop Era
Two Soviet Yiddish Poems
A Vibrant Poet of the Sweatshop Period
Crazy Levi
Poet Radiates Compassion for His Fellow Man
Melech Ravitch
Kol Nidre
In the Quiet of the Morning
Ber Green in Canada
This is not the Road

Part VII: Culture
"An Art of Anger … "
Marc Chagall Pavilion at "Man and His World"
In Siqueiros' Studio
Enriching Introduction to Cree Culture
A Special Man, A Special Musician
A Legacy to be Treasured
The Artist Speaks
The Precious Legacy
Is Huckleberry Finn Racist?
The Rediscovery of East European Jewry

Part VIII: Women
Equality of Kibbutz Women
Being a Working-Class Jew
Two Outstanding Women of our Time: Fania Fenelon, Bess Horowitz
So That Another Generation Will Not Deny
International Women's Day
Piece Work
Miriam Waddington

Part IX: Canadian Political Issues
Our Enduring Dilemma - 1867 and All That
Observations on a Centenary
Will Hunger Stalk the Land?
What Happened to the "Just Society"?
The Generic Drug Controversy
The Shamrock Shambles
Human Rights and Civil Liberties
The Macdonald Flim-Flam
Canada's Penal System Indicted

Part X: Jews on the Left
Experiences of a Scientist
"Never Let Them Change the Truth of Our Innocence"
The Death Kit of Irving Howe
Incisive Analysis of the Jewish Left
The Decline of the Jewish Left
Alejandro Lipschutz
A True Man of the People
Rabbi Feinberg

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