Multicultural Information Resources:
A Guide to Metropolitian Toronto

Heller, Laura with Guerriero, Terry
Publisher:  Cross Cultural Communications Centre
Year Published:  1987  
Pages:  136pp   ISBN:  ISBN 0-9691060-8-4
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3462

Abstract:  This book is intended to help those working with "ethnoracial" communities in Toronto to find information. It purpose is to serve as a guide to the sources of such information, rather than to provide the information itself. The first section defines multicultural information, introduces subject headings, and explains how to use the book. The Directory section is divided into five parts: statistical sources; multicultural collections; public libraries; government, academic and special libraries; and community-based resources. Computer data-bases are covered in a separate section.

Subject Headings

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