A Case For Non-violent Resistance

Year Published:  1988
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3316

The Cruise Missile Conversion Project was formed in 1980 to oppose the production of guidance systems in Canada and the U.S. nuclear warhead. Throughout the lengthy campaign against the Cruise, non-violent resistance was an important part of the strategy of peace activists as Litton Systems called on the authorities to put ever-increasing limits on protests outside the Rexdale, Ontario plant.
In this handbook, members of the project have collected a large numbe of short articles on peace, the arms race, civil disobedience and the struggle against Litton Systems, Shelley Douglas, and Mark McGuigan.

The thrust of the handbook is that struggle against Litton must be linked to a worldwide movement for justice and peace in the tradition of active non-violent resistance, in the tradition of suffragist, Ghandi, the civil rights movement and the anti-Viet Nam movement.
Members of the project see the arms race not in isolation, but as a part of a system rooted in oppression and exploitation of the many by the few. Because of this link, the handbook includes articles on subjects such as the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 and the efforts of women to strike for union security.

Subject Headings

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