Ten Days for World Development Hunger Package

Publisher:  Ten Days for World Development
Year Published:  1988
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX3274

Ten Days for World Development describes itself as "an inter-church, action program sponsored by the relief and development agencies of the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches in Canada. As such, it is an issue-raising program aimed at consciousness-raising and action, not only among Canadian church members but among all Canadians."

These booklets, entitled International Aid: Can We Do Better?; Why Are People Hungry?; From Bethlehem to Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Cities; Hunger: The Roots of the Problem; "You Can't Eat Coffee"; Trees and Human Survival: A Marriage Gone Wrong; and "Farmer" is a feminine noun, are part of a kit of print resources enabling people to work in ecumenical committees towards action on world hunger. "Why Are People Hungry?" is the introductory booklet, outlining how Ten Days began and its policy as well as containing an order form for the kits.

The booklets are written by freelance writers and cover their subjects step-by-step in a clear question and answer style. Topics are addressed with vision and integrity, and are informative, thought-provoking reading for anyone interested in the world hunger situation. Also excellent research resources.

Subject Headings

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