The Harder They Fall

Year Published:  1987  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX3249
Inactive/Defunct Periodical
Torontos' Anti-Authoritarian Journal of Arts and Politics.

Abstract:  THE HARDER THEY FALL is as its subtitle says, "Torontos' Anti-Authoritarian Journal of Arts and Politics." An editorial introducting the first issue explains that "our names reflects our belief that when people feel unable to create things which give them pleasure and meaning, or when they are threatened by dangers felt to be outside their control, a crisis point occurs. The more our needs have been down-pressed, the greater is our willingness to throw away the social organizations of the past and create new and better ones. This publicaiton is meant as a bridge between the diverse sectors of the anti-authoritarian community in Toronto. This means that our reporting will cover subjects that will be of interest to everyone who is in favour of direct control over all aspects of their lives, whether they consider themselves Quakers, Anarchists, Radical Feminists, Libertarian Socialists, Catholic Workers, Greens, New Age People, Punks, Pagans, Populists, or whatever. Our coverage of social change actions will range from extreme pacifists to militant resistance so as to promote a vigorous and on-going debate on tactics."

Articles in the first issue (June 1986) dealt with Haida Indians blocking loggers; a conversation overhead on a night train; Libya from Mussolini to Reagan; Noam Chomsky on students and socal change; and a large collection of "news briefs" and cartoons.

Subject Headings

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